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Assembly / Disassembly of Industrial Machinery, Mechanical Maintenance and Cryogenics

Industrial dismantling and assembly services, Mechanical maintenance and Cryogenics

Disassembly, assembly of all types of tools, machines, industrial lines

We dismantle or reassemble (identically and in full) new or used for your installation needs or as a service provider for manufacturers or engineering companies, we participate in the installation or to the optimization of your production line.
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Industrial Machines Disassembly and Assembly Services

You are an industrial company with a production tool, or a logistics/storage company using conveyor or rack systems… Call on industrial assembly specialists for your disassembly and/or reassembly needs of all types of machines or production lines. The company COGLIANDRO TRANSFERTS INDUSTRIELS assembles, dismantles, reassembles your production tools or your logistics lines, whatever your needs (putting into stock, resale, purchase of used or new machines, reinstallation of retrofitted equipment, redevelopment of a production site.)

For assembly, we unload your machines on site, regardless of weight or size, we install, check the leveling, assemblies and connectors to the energy supplies. Concerning dismantling, we also examine electrical and mechanical marking, pack and load for you all types of machines in all types of activities.
subcontracting service assembly of new industrial machine

Subcontracted Assembly Service

Our service also concerns the assembly of new equipment in partnership or subcontracting for our “industrial equipment manufacturer or machine manufacturer clients”. If you are a manufacturer of new equipment or a reseller, we can work in partnership in the Haut de France / Belgium area to optimize your installation costs. Our skills cover many areas of activity and almost all mechanical and electrical assembly trades. Our fitters are available, versatile and our costs are controlled! If you are a purchaser of equipment and wish to manage its installation yourself (for example by supporting the manufacturer), you can also offer our services to the manufacturer and limit installation costs. We also have all the necessary equipment for all situations.
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Mechanical Maintenance and Cryogenics

Cogliandro offers a preventive mechanical maintenance service and puts its technicians at your disposal for your electrical industrial maintenance and mechanical maintenance work (in the Hauts de France region). Depending on the nature of the work, our technicians travel to the site where we carry out maintenance in our workshops. Regarding your industrial equipment cleaning work, we can offer a cryogenic cleaning service! This solution leaves your equipment dry. It is perfect for electrical equipment and water-sensitive applications. Other advantages are innumerable compared to conventional cleaning with pressurized water… incomparable efficiency against any type of pollutant, no secondary residue, non-abrasive, no tedious disassembly, no special protection; reduction in production stoppages.

Industrial Assembly and Dismantling in Hauts-de-France and Belgium

Cogliandro is recognized for the quality of its services, its flexibility and its reliability. For these industrial dismantling/assembly services, subcontracted assembly and mechanical or cryogenic maintenance, we operate in Hauts-de-France (MEL, Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Dunkerque, Amiens, Calais, Arras, Béthune, Seclin, Lesquin, Beauvais, Compiègne, Senlis, …), and Belgium (Ghent, Courtrai, Tournai, Charleroi, Mons, Brussels….)

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Our Experts in dismantling and reassembling industrial machines will be happy to support you in your project.

We offer our solutions for

Industrial Machinery Disassembly / Assembly & Mechanical Maintenance and Cryogenics

in Hauts de France (59, 62, 80, 60 and 02) and Belgium
Our industrial machine dismantling and reassembly services are fast and efficient. Our experts are trained to safely disassemble, dewire, package and transport machines to minimize production downtime. We are also able to reassemble the machines quickly with precision and leveling in order to guarantee mechanical restarting and minimize production disruptions.

Technical management for your rapid and precise quotes, teams of qualified and dynamic technicians, on-site supervision to ensure rapid disassembly or reassembly of your production tool. The COGLIANDRO teams also offer a wide range of technical skills and efficient and complementary staff to meet your machine assembly service needs in all types of industry.
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Industrial Assembly or Mechanical and Cryogenic Maintenance?

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Our Experts in industrial disassembly / reassembly, assembly of new equipment and mechanical maintenance & cryogenics will be happy to support you in your project
Techniques and procedures proven by experience

We use processes and techniques for disassembly, marking, mechanical identification and unwiring or disconnection of energy sources (electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic).

We guarantee an optimal reassembly avoiding any potential problems of restarting in all types of industries: general mechanics / machine tools, textiles, printing, food processing, metallurgy, plastics, chemicals, automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, steel, glass industry, logistics, wood and furniture industry, construction industry, cellulose, mechanical construction , general electronics, IT, mechanical assembly, household appliance industry, new technology,... and all other industries …)

Maintenance and Standards

The risks linked to the production tool are multiple (electrical, thermal, mechanical, etc.) and can lead to high accident rates.

It is the employer's duty to comply with the regulations in force and to maintain their production tools in perfect working order. Article R.4322-1 et seq. - maintaining compliance. “Work equipment and means of protection, regardless of their user, are maintained in compliance with the technical design and construction rules applicable when they are put into service in the establishment, including with regard to the instructions of instructions. »

To meet this need, the COGLIANDRO company supports you in the preventive maintenance of your machine park and your production tools. Our technicians are experts in the industrial environment and they will support your maintenance team in maintaining and complying with your machines. They have the necessary authorizations to operate safely in your factory (CACES, NFC18510 accreditation, etc.)

A range of industrial maintenance services carried out by us

Dismantling and complete cleaning of your equipment.
Refurbishment of mechanical and electrical parts.
Change / replacement of all worn parts.
Complete painting.
Reassembly and start-up.

A profession of passion, the love of a job well done at the service of our customers

We are passionate about our work and are committed to providing top quality services to all of our clients. We are proud of our experience and know-how; we are committed to providing reliable and professional services to our customers.

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Manufacturer of new industrial equipment or reseller? Optimize your installation costs by entrusting us with this service in the Hauts-de-France / Belgium area.

The advantages of calling on Cogliandro for the disassembly and reassembly of your industrial machines

Calling on Cogliandro for industrial dismantling and assembly has many advantages for companies. First of all, Cogliandro teams are trained to work in complete safety. They use state-of-the-art equipment and comply with the standards in force to guarantee the safety of people and property.
Then, Cogliandro offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each company. All of our teams work closely with customers to understand their needs and offer appropriate solutions. Cogliandro is also able to adapt quickly to last minute changes or urgent customer requests.
Then, Cogliandro offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each company. All of our teams work closely with customers to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions. Cogliandro is also able to quickly adapt to last minute changes or urgent customer requests.

Cogliandro Insurance for quality work

Made up of enthusiasts, the Cogliandro company makes every effort to satisfy its customers by providing superior quality services, particularly in the assembly and reassembly of industrial machines, as an installation subcontractor for manufacturers or resellers, and in mechanical maintenance & cryogenics.

Cogliandro: An eco-responsible industrial assembly company

The COGLIANDRO company is committed to an eco-responsible and safe policy by replacing its existing equipment with brand new machines with electric motors (electric trolleys, electric crane). Our staff is highly experienced in the assembly of industrial machines (new or used), as such we attach great importance to your satisfaction and the care of your equipment. Because at COGLIANDRO SAS we are sure of our human and material resources, we insure your property, in all lifting or handling operations, from the unloading of your machine to its destination point on site.
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