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Lifting, Cranes and Industrial Handling

Lifting, cranes and industrial handling

From 80kg to 80T, entrust the movement of your production tools to a team of Experts

The Cogliandro company specializes in lifting, craning and handling heavy loads. These services are essential for companies that need to transport or move heavy and bulky equipment during an industrial move, a restructuring of their production chain or even as part of the unloading of new and used machines in their workshops.
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The Crane – lifting service is a complementary service to the transport of your production machines. Our teams use specific mobile cranes and forklifts to lift heavy loads on construction sites or industrial sites.
Thanks to their expertise and their lifting devices for heavy goods, they can lift loads of up to several tons in complete safety.
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Crane Rental with Operator

Cogliandro Crane Operators can thus reach difficult-to-access areas and transport heavy objects over significant distances in complete safety. The COGLIANDRO company offers its customers the possibility of renting an electric lifting crane, Pick and Carry type crane with its independently qualified operator. The capacities are 15/18 and soon 25 tonnes.

This crane service can be ordered independently, for a given handling or over several weeks in support on production sites and for routine crane operations of objects, goods, heavy parts, etc. in industry or construction.
Cogliandro’s electric mobile cranes are equipped with telescopic arms and JIBs allowing loads to be lifted to a significant height.
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Heavy Handling

Our teams specialize in the loading, unloading and on-site installation of heavy and bulky goods, such as industrial machines and production lines (textile activity, printing, food processing, metallurgy, plastics, automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, glassware, logistics, wood industry, cellulose, electronics, IT, mechanical assembly, new technology…).

Handling heavy loads is a very specialized activity which must be carried out by trained, qualified and above all experienced personnel. Our teams are trained to transport, sling, chock and handle heavy loads safely, using suitable equipment such as electric forklifts, industrial rollers, hand trucks or hoists.

Industrial Handling and Lifting-Craning in Hauts-de-France and Belgium

Cogliandro is recognized for the quality of its services, its flexibility and its reliability. For these lifting, crane and handling services, we operate in Hauts-de-France (MEL, Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Dunkirk, Amiens, Calais, Arras, Béthune, Seclin, Lesquin, Beauvais, Compiègne, Senlis, etc. .), and Belgium (Ghent, Kortrijk, Tournai, Charleroi, Mons, Brussels, etc.)

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Our Experts in industrial machine craning and industrial handling will be happy to support you in your project.

We offer our solutions for

Heavy Handling, Lifting and Craning

in Hauts de France (59, 62, 80, 60 and 02) and Belgium
For example, we are among other things specialized in the movement of Machine Tools, lathes and milling machines, or the movement of Textile Machines, looms, cards and spinning machines, and the movement of hydraulic and injection presses, conveyors, extruders, printers, tanks, etc. We have the experience and skills to carry out all your projects for moving heavy and bulky production tools with a Pick and Carry type mobile crane, even in the less accessible. We operate in the North of France (Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Dunkirk, Amiens, Calais, Arras, Béthune, Seclin, Lesquin…).
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Our Experts in industrial moving, heavy handling and assembly/reassembly of production tools will be happy to assist you in your project.
Compliance with standards, safety and environment

At Cogliandro, we are committed to respecting current safety, hygiene and environmental standards. Each handling operation is subject to an operating procedure and a risk analysis to guarantee human and material safety. Cogliandro operators have the knowledge, training and authorizations to adapt the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to the handling work to be carried out.

We have invested in a fleet of electric forklifts to work in areas where the use of gas trolleys is prohibited for safety, hygiene or environmental health reasons. These electric forklifts allow us to reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to our social responsibility. These investments demonstrate our commitment to providing superior quality services while respecting the highest safety and environmental standards.

State-of-the-art tools

Cogliandro is proud to announce the acquisition of a VALLA Brand Electric Pick and Carry Crane. This electric crane represents a significant step forward for our fleet, offering greater efficiency, versatility and safety in industrial handling services. We are able to provide a global handling service with our team of experts or rent the crane independently with its qualified operator. We are convinced that this acquisition will enable us to provide an even more efficient service to our customers. At Cogliandro, we are constantly looking for new technologies to improve our quality of service, and this acquisition is a concrete example of our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

A team of highly qualified experts

Cogliandro is a professional and experienced company in the field of lifting, cranes and heavy load handling. We are proud to have all the necessary certifications to carry out our services safely and in accordance with the regulations in force. Our teams are trained to comply with the highest safety and quality standards, which allows us to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with each intervention. We are regularly checked and audited to ensure that we maintain our high standards in terms of security and quality of service.

A fleet that lives up to our reputation

At Cogliandro, we have all the necessary means for our heavy load handling and lifting services. We use electric and remote-controlled handling trucks for maximum precision, as well as various lifting systems, specific rollers, cylinders and equipment adapted to each project. Our technicians travel on site with vans equipped with the latest equipment to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers, offering tailor-made solutions. At Cogliandro, we are constantly looking for advanced technologies and methods to improve the quality and efficiency of our services.

We offer

Rental of electric lifting crane (15 / 18 tons) with operator

in Hauts de France (59, 62, 80, 60 and 02) and Belgium
We are proud to offer our customers an electric crane rental service with operator for lifting, craning and handling heavy loads. Our Pick and Carry electric crane (15/18 tonnes) is at the cutting edge of technology and offers great versatility as well as optimal safety for lifting operations. It can be rented for a global handling service or for specific crane or lifting operations such as moving an industrial machine. Our team of professional operators is highly qualified and experienced, which guarantees quality services and high efficiency. At Cogliandro, we do everything we can to meet our customers’ requirements for lifting and handling heavy loads, by offering them tailor-made solutions adapted to their specific needs.

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Our Experts in industrial moving, heavy handling and assembly/reassembly of production tools will be happy to assist you in your project.

The advantages of using Cogliandro for lifting, craning and handling of heavy loads

Calling on Cogliandro for lifting, craning and industrial handling has many advantages for companies. First of all, Cogliandro teams are trained to work in complete safety. They use cutting-edge equipment and comply with current standards to guarantee the safety of people and property.
Then, Cogliandro offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each company. All of our teams work closely with customers to understand their needs and offer appropriate solutions. Cogliandro is also able to adapt quickly to last minute changes or urgent customer requests.
Then, Cogliandro offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each company. All of our teams work closely with customers to understand their needs and offer appropriate solutions. Cogliandro is also able to adapt quickly to last minute changes or urgent customer requests.

Cogliandro Insurance for a serene handling project

Safety is a top priority at Cogliandro. Although we take all necessary precautions to avoid accidents when handling new or used machines, we are aware that zero risk does not exist in this area. This is why we are insured for all the machines we handle, from unloading to installation. It is important to note that not all companies offer this type of insurance. At Cogliandro, we want to offer our customers complete peace of mind by ensuring the safety of their machines, whatever the material handling project. With our insurance, our customers can be sure that their investment is protected against possible damage that may occur during handling operations.

Cogliandro: An eco-responsible industrial lifting and handling company

The COGLIANDRO company is committed to an eco-responsible and safe policy by replacing its existing equipment with brand new machines with electric motors (electric trolleys, electric crane). Our staff is highly experienced in industrial transfer, as such we attach great importance to your satisfaction and the care of your equipment. Because at COGLIANDRO SAS we are sure of our human and material resources, we insure your property, in all lifting or handling operations, from the unloading of your machine to its destination point on site.
We provide you with the following resources:
  • Qualified human resources, who have current practice in industrial removals, staff with their CACES. Experienced teams, with the necessary training and qualifications (CACES) for lifting and handling activities.
  • Technical means such as:
    • A telescopic crane on a truck, 47 T/meter, 23 m long, allowing handling even in very difficult access.
    • A fleet of 9 forklifts from 2 to 10 tonnes, all our equipment is checked and maintained regularly.
Cogliandro guarantees
  • A service that meets your needs; you tell us about your project and we find a solution for the transfer of your machines.
  • Quality service thanks to the competence of our technicians as soon as possible, to reduce any loss of productivity.
  • Recognized know-how because we have been in existence for over 40 years, for a competitive price.
Examples of interventions that you carry out for us:
  • The dismantling of equipment, with mechanical and electrical identification.
  • The dismantling and reassembly of machines or production lines including dismantling, unwiring, and identical reassembly.
  • Heavy handling
  • The packaging of parts and goods according to your needs, namely:
    • Laying on wooden pontoons (treated or not depending on the destination of the equipment)
    • Packing in wooden crates (treated or not depending on the destination of the material)
    • Cartoning Triwal Pax (American boxes in reinforced cardboard with pallet)
    • Stretch or bubble wrap.
    • etc…
  • Loading and wedging in classic or special trucks (lowered, gooseneck, exceptional) and also by container (40 or 20 feet, dry, open-top, high-tank, flat)
  • Road or sea transport worldwide
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