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Industrial Transfer

Industrial Transfer

Entrust the transfer of your industrial site to a team of experts

Our experience and know-how at the service of moving, dismantling and reinstalling your production tool.
industrial moving

Industrial Transfer and Transport in France and Abroad

At Transfert Cogliandro, we strive to be at the forefront of progress to carry out all your industrial moving projects efficiently, qualitatively and meticulously.

From dismantling to industrial reassembly, including craning and lifting, industrial handling, transport of your machines and their reassembly…

moving production lines

Relocation of Industrial Lines and Production Chains

Thanks to its years of experience and the transmission of skills, the Cogliandro teams will advise you and develop a tailor-made service, totally adapted to your production requirements and the specificity of your company.
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The Project Manager for Your Project

Whatever the size or weight of your industrial machines (textiles, food processing, printing, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, glassmaking, new technology, metallurgy, aeronautics, wood industry, etc.).We have all the tools and skills necessary to complete your project safely.


Entrust your industrial company move to a team of experts specialized in the transport of industrial machines and the movement of production units around the world. We take care of the transfer of factories, production lines and chains, machines or industrial equipment and many other production tools that are both heavy and bulky…
In most cases, moving your company is both an economic and social issue. It is of the utmost importance to be able to count on a competent professional who will become your partner to provide you with speed and security of execution. We take care of “turnkey” all types of business transfers (machine tools, printing, agri-food, metallurgy, plastics, automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, glassmaking, logistics, wood industry, cellulose, electronics, IT, mechanical assembly, new technology… production workshops, manufacturing lines, etc.) national and international and we provide you with the guarantee of optimal work while respecting set deadlines.

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Our Experts in industrial transfer and transport of production machines will be happy to support you in your project.

We offer our solutions

Industrial Moving and Transport

in France and Internationally
Production lines, textile machines, machine tools, printing machines, tanks, laboratories, hospitals… We have the experience and skills to carry out all your transfer and industrial transport projects, even for your production machines the heaviest and/or bulky.
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Our Experts in industrial moving, heavy handling and assembly/reassembly of production tools will be happy to support you in your project
Compliance with standards, safety and environment

At Cogliandro, we are committed to respecting current safety, hygiene and environmental standards. Each handling operation is subject to an operating procedure and a risk analysis to guarantee human and material safety. Cogliandro operators have the knowledge, training and authorizations to adapt the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to the handling work to be carried out.

We have invested in a fleet of electric forklifts to work in areas where the use of gas trolleys is prohibited for safety, hygiene or environmental health reasons. These electric forklifts allow us to reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to our social responsibility. These investments demonstrate our commitment to providing superior quality services while respecting the highest safety and environmental standards.

State-of-the-art tools

Cogliandro is proud to announce the acquisition of a VALLA Brand Electric Pick and Carry Crane. This electric crane represents a significant advance for our fleet, offering greater efficiency, versatility and safety in industrial handling services. We are able to provide a comprehensive handling service with our team of experts or rent the crane independently with its qualified operator. We are convinced that this acquisition will allow us to provide an even more efficient service to our customers. At Cogliandro, we are constantly looking for new technologies to improve our quality of service, and this acquisition is a concrete example of our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

A team of highly qualified experts

Cogliandro is a professional and experienced company in the field of lifting, craning and handling of heavy loads. We are proud to have all the necessary certifications to carry out our services safely and in compliance with current regulations. Our teams are trained to respect the highest safety and quality standards, which allows us to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with each intervention. We are regularly monitored and audited to ensure that we maintain our high standards of safety and quality of service.

A fleet that lives up to our reputation

At Cogliandro, we have all the necessary means for our heavy load handling and lifting services. We use electric and remote-controlled handling trolleys for maximum precision, as well as various lifting systems, specific rollers, cylinders and equipment adapted to each project. Our technicians travel to site with vans equipped with the latest equipment to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers, offering tailor-made solutions. At Cogliandro, we are constantly looking for cutting-edge technologies and methods to improve the quality and efficiency of our services.

The only limit to your

Industrial Transfer

is the one you will impose on yourself
Concerning our areas of intervention, the origin and destination sites can be located at the national level or at the international level in the case of a relocation of your company.
We handle all types of business transfers, industrial moves, offices, archives, laboratories, IT, hospitals, education, etc. We carry out site-to-site moves, internal transfers, sorting, storage and destruction of archives. Our transfer and moving services are studied on a case-by-case basis: packing, unpacking, dismantling, reassembly, disconnection, reconnection, etc.
We offer a global service (marking, electrical, mechanical and fluids, disconnection, disassembly, unsealing, packaging and “reverse operations” until restarting) thanks to our teams of electromechanics.

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We take care of all types of business transfers, industrial moves, offices, archives, laboratories, IT, hospitals, education… Our Experts will be happy to support you in your project.


We respond precisely to your specifications and your priorities.
Our added value is the complete management of all your projects: moving and industrial transfer of all types of operations: transport of machines, moving of a production line, and of a complete industrial site. Cogliandro provides you with a turnkey service by offering expertise specific to your needs.
By offering a tailor-made service, Cogliandro ensures that the stages of industrial transfer and delivery times are respected in order to preserve the continuity of your industrial production and your industrial tools or to restart your process as quickly as possible.

Factory moving, Industrial handling, Crane handling...

COGLIANDRO responds to all relocation and industrial transfer requests: from industrial machine transfer, to the most important projects, from production line transfer to complete factory relocation (tools/machines and production line, logistics storage solution , offices).
With 50 years of experience in the field of industrial transfer and moving, COGLIANDRO is the reference for your projects and will ensure quality service for sometimes heavy and delicate operations.
Our skills and qualifications cover all aspects of industrial transfer: identification, dismantling, transport, reassembly and commissioning. Also our know-how affects all types of industries: (printing, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, automotive, metallurgy, aeronautics, chemicals, cellulose, cardboard, stationery, etc.).
The logistics part is important in the move and industrial transfer and its treatment is essential in the organization, so our teams are experts and trained in the phase of location and identification of the parts before dismantling, as well as in the packaging and transporting them.

How does a factory or production line transfer take place?

Company relocation and production line transfer require strict procedures to guarantee all stages and the continuity of your production.

Here are the COGLIANDRO moving and industrial transfer procedures

Internal industrial transfer (on the same site)
  • Expertise and study of your project by our technical or commercial director.
  • Quotation with project stages, and operating mode.
  • Electrical and mechanical identification of machines.
  • Packaging, palletizing.
  • Tracing of the new implementation requested by the customer.
  • Industrial handling.
  • Complete reassembly (mechanics and connection and rewiring of energy).
  • Leveling.
  • Return to service with the customer.
  • Reception of work.
Site-to-site business transfers
  • Expertise and study of your project by our technical or commercial director.
  • Quotation with project stages, and operating mode.
  • Packaging, palletizing.
  • Loading, handling, lifting, craning.
  • Tracing of the new implementation requested by the customer.
  • Complete reassembly (mechanics and connection and rewiring of energy).
  • Leveling.
  • Return to service with the customer.
  • Reception of work.
The move as well as the dismantling, handling and crane work are supervised by a site representative who will be your preferred contact. Whether it is an internal, regional, national or international transfer, our expertise allows us to respond to the entire project.

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Our Experts in internal industrial transfer and site-to-site business transfer will be happy to support you in your project
We offer you a complete and quality service:
For your moving or industrial transfer project, we offer you a complete and quality service:

  • Visit and on-site expertise by our technical or sales director.
  • Complete quote that meets your needs and projects.
  • Intervention of the service in compliance with procedures and safety rules.
  • Mechanical identification and energy sources (electric/pneumatic/hydraulic).
  • Disassembly and unwiring of your machines and production lines.
  • Loading and transporting your tools and your industrial machines.
  • Reassembly and rewiring of your entire production line.
  • Rebooting and commissioning.
  • But also, industrial dismantling.
  • Experts at your service.
  • Dedicated human resources (expert, authorized and qualified technicians) and material resources.
  • A specific, turnkey service carried out by experts in their field of activity.
  • Optimal management of your project by ensuring continuity of your production.
  • Meeting deadlines for rapid return to service.
  • A requirement for customer satisfaction.
Whatever your activity, whatever the level of sophistication, type, size or weight of your machines, we guarantee you a tailor-made and efficient industrial moving service. In addition to transporting your production machines, we can reinstall your industrial lines, as they were or as you want them. By going through Cogliandro, you are choosing a tailor-made industrial transfer.
Examples of interventions that we carry out for you:
  • Business transfer
  • Transfer of complete factories
  • Transfer of production lines
  • Moving industrial machines
  • Machining center transfer
  • Transfer of crushers
  • Moving hydraulic and injection presses
  • Removal of conveyors
  • Transfer of recycling lines
  • Moving industrial printers
  • Transport of textile machines
  • Transport of machine tools
  • Transport of printing machines
  • Transport of water tanks and tanks
  • Moving hospitals
  • Laboratory move
  • Moving heavy and bulky loads
  • Moving machines
  • etc.
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